the Festival is an idea of Maria Giambona, ballerina and coach who comes from Sicily, and Valentin Bartes, International Master and Choreographer who are its directors.

The event is based on a wonderful exchange of various cultures,  different technical and artistic background and the approach to a work similar to all professional companies. Everything is combined by a single passion: dance!

The IYBFS festival has the power to melt down the accuracy and perseverance of the dancers, who come from Asian countries such as Japan and Korea, with the passion and the creativity of the Sicilian and Mediterranean artists. At the end of this path all students can boast an artistic and human enrichment. Thanks for the dance, as if it were a mirror, they have the opportunity to find out the view of the art they face with high commitment. 

Becoming a dancer is definitely the path of a personal and introspective work as well as an innate gift. However, it often needs external comparison in order to motivate yourself to improve or easily appreciate and be amazed, scoping those who are more talented in this stunning form of art. 

Being part of something, it may be an event, a group or a show, allows you to understand and work on yourself. 

The success of this event is based on the comparison, the melt and the creation of a new study’ and work’s vision.

The IYBFS Festival includes a stage and a show at the Theatre. 


During the IYBFS Festival young dancers can join classical and contemporary dance classes taught by international Maestros. Maestros and artists with a strong background obtained within prestigious companies and dance academies around the world.
Every dancers’ technical skill is shown in the course at all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. That is a good way to explore the dance both in its most classical and contemporary form to develop the qualities of each participant.The teachers, chosen by their professional and human qualities, come from international Academies and ballet Companies based in France, England, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, the United States. Thanks to their experience they are pleased to advise students during the training at the Studio. When we find out a true talent, we support him/ her and direct him/her to one of the greatest European Academies or, if possible, to enter some Companies, thus venturing into the professional world.


The IYBFS show presents two stages and a short break. The first part includes the "GALA" with variations and mix of ballets of Classical and Contemporary Dance.

The second part is a "SUITE" taken from one of the famous ballets of the classical repertoire choreographed and directed by Maestro Valentin Bartes and coordinated by Maestra Maria Giambona. The 1st edition in 2017 some dancers of the Festival took part in the ballet "Sleeping Beauty". The 2nd edition in 2018 the performed in the ballet "The Don Quixote". The artists, chosen by the choreographer as if it were a real casting, supported the event year after year contributing to its growth. 

The Festival aims to give an artistic and technical growth to the artists who study the dance with commitment. With us, they can get an experience similar to that offered by a "Dance Company". They can learn and try a new choreography alongside straight away principal dancers.

In the last years many prestigious dance schools of Palermo took part at IYBFS Festival.   These companies can boast some of the most talented young dancers coming from Japan (who come for a holiday / study programs /cultural tours / shows), 2 principal dancers originally from the Cluj Opera House - Napoca, international dance teachers, artists / Actors of the Ditirammu Theater.

Festival formula: 
- 5 days stage with many international Masters

- 1 day Gala + Theater piece

- 10 international schools participating


*APPLICATIONS for IYBFS 2019 are now open! The participation fee is payable by bank. Please click the button to enter the registration section

Dear dancer and visitor, We are thrilled to announce the third edition of International Youth Ballet Festival Sicily 2019, a new dance experience in Palermo, Italy from March 26th to 1st April 2019. This project was founded as an opportunity for international young dancers from around the world to experience the entire process of a Dance Theater show, not only in dance-class but performing classical and contemporary repertoire on stage, next international choreographer and Principals. IYBFS 2019 is an event where young dancers, will demonstrate classical ballet dance abilities through both classes and stage performance. The days will be scheduled as followed: link

IYBFS e’ un evento di danza classica che esprime un’esperienza semi-professionale per coloro che vi partecipano. La visione degli autori e’ quella di fare provare per una volta ai giovani e futuri danzatori cosa significa provare una vera performance per poi metterla in scena di fronte ad un pubblico interessato. I giovani quindi imparano cosa significa essere professionisti e che tipo di preparazione fisica e psicologica dovranno affrontare nella loro carriera.

Students were split into 4 groups according to ability and age. They experienced 5 days of intense training and rehearsal with international Masters. Further more the had the possibility to rehearse with Choreographer Valentin Bartes to learn and performe "La Bella Addormentata" for real on the real Theater stage by audience.

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Timetables started very earlier this year/edition. We had more participants to select for "Don Quichotte" . Two big local schools have been used to rehearse and training all the Dancers.

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2019 is our moving forward edition. We will set up the Festival inspiring like an Academy. At the same time, within the teaching styles used, students will learn about their anatomy, how their psychological approach affects their work and outcomes, taking care of their own physicality, training as a ‘whole dancer’ and incorporating this to create a more refined technique that has Artistry and Musicality at its core. We chose Swan Lake to performe at the Theater this year. We aspect many others International schools than the previous editions.

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Some moments of last edition on March 2018, there are many vital components for being a successful Ballet Dancer within a Company!